Policy analysis, advocacy and compliance check

Environmental legislations of Europe are made to ensure that products, services and manufacturing become cleaner. With time, legislations are becoming stricter and touching upon more and more topics. On one hand they are driving innovation, creating new business opportunities on the other hand they pose an ever increasing adiminstrative burden on companies.

We are helping companies to prepare for upcomig legislations, participating in the European policy design process and comply with existing legislations on Member State level.


We carry out ex-ante and ex-post policy asessment on policy efficiency, impacts, drivers and barriers.


We have thorough understading of and experience with all phases of the European policy design cycle. For our clients, we analyse policy proposals, select and rank the elements by impact. We also support our clients in peparing and implementing advocacy and communication startegy towards European Commission and respecitve authorities in the Member States.

Compliance check

We help companies to enter into new markets by screening the national environmental legislations. Vast majoritiy of national environmental legislations of the EU Member States are based on EU directives, which only set the frame, but leave a lot of space for tayloring them to the climatic, cultural and other specifities of the Member States. We analyse the Eureopan and national legislations from the point of view of the particular product or service. We contact national authorities for clarifications if needed. We advise our clients on how to comply with the law.