Resource usage audit and strategy

The energy or environmental strategy is key tool to achieve cost reduction, policy compliance and corporate social responsibility targets. Any strategy shall be based on the proper understanding of the current situation both in the physical and legal world.

We lead our clients from situation analysis to solutions. We help in strategy formulation and introduction of certified energy and carbon management systems.

We carry out for our clients energy audits, carbon and ecological footprint calculations as well as life cycle assessments. Based on the results we pepare an energy, carbon or resource reduction strategy, including technical solutions, energy balance calculation and targets. We help to set up management systems, which ensure that the strategy is being carried out and progress is monitored.

We propose energy audit to manufacturing, logistics, service, IT companies, as well as to municipalities and institutions, which are keen to make an advantage on operational cost reduction.

We suggest carbon footprint calculations for organisations, who would like to report and communicate on their organisation’s or product’s environmental performance in relation to climate change. It is a relatively simple tool, easy to communicate and strengthens corporate value.

Energy Audit

We carry out energy audits for buildings, taking into account the impacts of manufacturing and other activities. The audit uncovers the energy loss in time and space, thus helps us to understand, where it makes sense to intervene.

Carbon fotprint

We carry out carbon footprint calculations for products, organisations and value-chain. The carbon footprint is based on inventorying energy and material flows, activities and product components.

  • Product carbon footprint shows the amount of CO2 emitted or avoided throughout a product’s lifecycle.
  • Organisational footprint gives a yearly snapshot of CO2 emissions accounted to the functions of an organisation
  • Value-chain fooprint sums up the carbon emissions that arise within the boundaries of an organisation and which are induced in the whole value chain from raw material extraction until the end of product life.